Below are a selection of stories about the young people the trust has helped – identities have been changed to protect the individuals concerned.



When Evie's application came to us she was pregnant and living in North London. Evie is originally from Eastern Europe with no family support in the UK, and her offending involved the use of drugs which had alienated her from her peers. We awarded her £230 for clothing and household items, enabling her to buy winter clothes, curtains and blinds for her flat. The grant made a significant difference to her self esteem. She was able to take English exams and passed as the top of the class. The curtains meant that her young child could get a proper night's sleep without being awakened by daylight. Evie has not re-offended and now voluntarily offers herself for drugs testing to prove she no longer involved in substance abuse. 


JWT funding allowed Ronan to go on a lifeguard course so that he could work part-time whilst returning to college on release from a DTO. His YOT worker received £300 to cover the cost of the course which Ronan successfully completed. He maintained his college studies during this period and is now studying for the final year of his BTech qualification. He completed his DTO licence and has not re-offended thus far.



We awarded Kai £400 to go on an 8 week training placement with a local firm as a painter and decorator. The money also covered equipment and clothing and after completing the course Kai was then interviewed for a full time Trainee Site Manager post which he was successful in obtaining. He completed his DTO licence and has not re-offended again thus far.


A grant of £350 was made to Benedict's YOT worker to allow Benedict to start a plumbing course and engage in positive activities over the summer period. Whilst there were a few setbacks including a new offence in the end the funding supported him in making positive decisions to move away from old friends and start a new life living with his father. Benedict has now completed the course and has enrolled in further courses. He has completed his ISS order and has not re-offended thus far.